Amon Amarth


О бренде


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Список композиций:
LP-A1    First Kill    
LP-A2    Wanderer    
LP-A3    On A Sea Of Blood    
LP-B1    One Against All    
LP-B2    Raise Your Horns    
LP-B3    The Way Of Vikings    
LP-C1    At Dawn's First Light    
LP-C2    One Thousand Burning Arrows    
LP-C3    Vengeance Is My Name    
LP-D1    A Dream That Cannot Be
Featuring – Doro Pesch
LP-D2    Back On Northern Shores    
CD-1    First Kill
CD-2    Wanderer
CD-3    On A Sea Of Blood
CD-4    One Against All
CD-5    Raise Your Horns
CD-6    The Way Of Vikings
CD-7    At Dawn's First Light
CD-8    One Thousand Burning Arrows
CD-9    Vengeance Is My Name
CD-10    A Dream That Cannot Be
Featuring – Doro Pesch
CD-11    Back On Northern Shores

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